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Maintenance Calendar


Lawn  maintenance calendar for the Casselberry, Winter Springs, Winter park, Altamonte Springs area!


We created this general lawn maintenance calendar to give the home owner a general idea of what needs to be maintained on your property though out the course of the year to keep it looking it’s best 



Pruning of Palm Trees:

Pruning or trimming of palm trees can be done at any time except for when frost is expected. You should only prune off dead or dying growth, flower, and fruit stalks. Never prune off healthy leaves since it will weaken the palm tree and slow its growth. If you are wondering how to prune your palm tree use a clean sharp pole saw (manual or gas) and never use spikes to climb the palm tree since this can cause serious damage to the tree.



January / February:

January is a dry month in Florida,so make sure you keep your azaleas and camellias watered,or the buds will drop when it’s time for them to bloom.
Rosebushes that are a year or older should be trimmed back for they are dormant in January, they also should be watered and fertilized after trimming them.
When it comes to cleaning out your flowerbeds or garden from weeds roundup is most effective.
Be sure to fertilize all your fruit trees.
Remember the key to a healthy lawn is water,so you should apply at least 1/2 to 1 inch of water a week on your lawn.




March / April:

March is a good month to plant any trees or shrubs especially ones that are tender.
Between March and April is a very good time to go ahead and re mulch your flower beds. Mulching keeps down weeds and protects roots from the sun,and most important making your flowerbeds or garden very attractive. This also is a good time to spray roundup on those weeds.
When it comes to that healthy lawn just as it needs water, it needs to eat, this would be a great time to put down a quality fertilizer.
Remember to water your lawn between 1/2 ” to an 1″ a week.



May / June:

June is a good month if you are looking to plant a new lawn, it will benefit from the June rains.
Since the most common lawns in Florida are St. Augustine and Bahia, be sure when you go to cut your lawn, or if your landscaper cuts your lawn, they cut it at 2 1/2 to 3 inches in height. This will keep your lawn from burning out.
This is a very good time to fertilize your fruit trees, shade trees, hedge plants,shrubs,and rosebushes.
Most likely June is going to be a rainy month making the weeds grow out of control, so remember roundup is most efficient.



July / August:

Insects are usually full force out this time of the year so be out on the look out for sod webworms,armyworms,and chinch bugs.
Make sure when using any fertilizer or weed killer on your lawn it is compatible with your type of grass. Care should be taken in the use of these products as these selective herbicides can kill trees, shrubs and even lawn grasses as easily as weeds if misused or misapplied. Read completely and follow the label instructions to avoid problems.



September / October:


September is usually the beginning of hurricane season for Florida, so be sure to check all of your trees around your home to be safe in case of a hurricane.
This is also a very moist time of year, so beware of any fungus problems that might occur on your lawn, if so be sure to spray with a good fungicide.
Since winter is right around the corner you should fertilize any fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs, or rosebushes that you might have,especially rosebushes!, they are very hungry plants. This will help carry them through the winter months with plenty of nutrition to keep them healthy.



November / December :

These are usually dry months so watch out for any mites in your rosebushes, pyracanthas, camellias, azaleas, citrus, and annuals. If you should discover any mites spray with a good miticide. If you were looking to plant any rosebushes this would be an excellent time to do so.
In the middle of December you’ll probably start feeling the frost of the winter. Make sure to cover those plants, shrubs, etc.
Well, you spent all year maintaining your lawn, “good job”! Do yourself a favor and enjoy a Merry Christmas.



 P.S. Please be advised that the weather in Florida can be unpredictable, and when it comes to chinch bugs and mole crickets you especially have to keep a watch-full eye for activity since they can appear at unscheduled times.