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Why Two Generations

If you are looking for a lawn service how do you choose who you hire?


How do you know who you hire will do the job?


Some people think that as long as someone has a lawnmower they can maintain their property.


Well this is about as far from the truth as you can get.


Here in Florida landscapers are hard to miss, they are everywhere you look. But what separates one from the other?


Every time someone calls me for service I ask two main questions, do you have a service and why are you replacing them?


If they are replacing a service the top five complaints i here from a prospective customers are the following


  1. 1. They never know when there lawn service will show up, this complaint can range from time of day to what day in the week.


  1. 2. They cut my grass to short, or scalp my lawn.


  1. 3. My lawn looks worse now then it did before I hired them.


  1. 4. They are supposed to be trimming my hedges but they look horrible.


  1. 5. The quality of work is never the same from week to week.


These are the reasons why most lawn services have such a high customer turn over rate!


This is why just anyone with a lawn mower isn’t your answer if you are looking for a reliable, quality service.


At Two Generations


  1. 1. Punctuality is our motto.


  1. 2. We check our cutting height daily.


  1. 3. We sharpen our blades weekly.


  1. 4. We trim hedges every week when included in the service.


  1. 5. We are family owned and operated, and take pride in our work and it shows.


Two Generations lawn care has a reputation of outstanding quality year after year and we have one of the highest retention rates of customers.


We simply offer no excuses and get the job done!